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Median paraquat concentrations in groundwater in Cun Pheo, Pieng Ve, Xam Khoe, and Mai Hich were 81.14, 34.95, 30.51, and 13.28 [micro]g/L, respectively (Table 1).
Considering the growing number of PHEO susceptibility genes and the well-established genotype-phenotype correlations for some of these gene mutations [3, 22], it is recommended that clinicians follow an algorithm based on the phenotype when requesting a genetic analysis [22, 23].
patients with further Total, % evaluation, % Diseases N n = 3987 n = 3003 Secondary 1186 29.7 39.5 causes and coexisting diseases OSA 742 18.6 24.7 PA 175 4.4 5.8 PA + OSA 146 3.7 4.9 RPD 54 1.3 1.8 Hypothyroidism 31 0.8 1.1 RAS 25 0.6 0.8 PHEO 3 0.08 0.1 CS 4 0.1 0.1 Hyperthyroidism 3 0.08 0.1 Others 3 0.08 0.1 PA, primary aldosteronism; OSA, obstructive sleep apnea; RPD, renal parenchymal disease; RAS, renal artery stenosis; PHEO, pheochromocytoma; CS, Cushing's syndrome; others include one Liddle's syndrome, one aortic coarctation, and one multicystic ovary syndrome.
Many pheos go undiagnosed and are discovered incidentally on imaging or only discovered at autopsy.
PHEO represents one the main causes of secondary arterial hypertension and may be so severe to induce hypertensive emergencies [2].
Her husband Pheo is Borbon town's municipal assessor.
On the contrary, Sm in the former was smaller than in the latter, about only 64 %.The electron transport rate and flux (phEo and Pso) for samara were lower than those for leaf.
Unlike pPGL, extra-adrenal sPGL and intra-adrenal PHEO typically present with non-specific systemic symptoms related to catecholamine excess.
However, in the upper sediment layers the contents of Chl a, Pheo a, Fuco, Diadino and Diato were higher from May to July than from August to October (Fig.
Melanins are classified in: Allomelanin (Allo) present in plants and fungi, Neuromelanin (Neu) present in nervous cell, Pheomelanin (Pheo) and Eumelanin (Eu) that can be found in the skin, hair and iris.
Her granddaughter Olivia suffers from epilepsy and PHEO syndrome and has been spending time at Ty Hafan for the past four years.
Abbreviations: Car, carotenoid; Chl, chlorophyll; DCMU, 3(3,4-dichlorophenyl)-1,1-dimethylurea; [F.sub.0], Fm, Fv, minimum, maximum and variable fluorescence levels; [J.sub.F], photosynthetic electron transport rate; LHCII, light-harvesting complex of photosystem II; [P.sub.680], photochemically active Chl of PSII; PFD, photon flux density; Pheo, pheophytin a; PQ, plastoquinone; PSI, PSII, photosystems I and II, respectively; [Q.sub.A], primary quinone acceptor of PSII; [Q.sub.B], secondary quinone acceptor of PSII; qE, energy-dependent component of qN; qN, non-photochemical quenching of variable Chl fluorescence; qP, photochemical quenching of variable Chl fluorescence; RCII, reaction center of photosystem II: [Y.sub.Z], secondary electron donor of PSII.