PHERAPublic Health Emergency Response Act
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This initiative has become quite popular which can be gauged by the fact that the newlyweds seem quite happy with taking the extra phera. ( ANI )
As we see in the origins of aromatics named by Phera (China, Malindi, Aden, Hormuz), those remote places were better known than ever.
The identity and reinstatement of Homalodisca liturata Ball and Phera lacerta Fowler (Hemiptera: Cicadellidae).
Each phera, or circumvention, represents a strengthening bond between the two.
This is shown in the religious rituals performed at the marriage, such as the saat phera, the traditional seven times round the holy fire.
Every kitty party hostess had to pip her predecessor by serving a better khao suey and every nubile girl had to master the art of making khao suey before taking her phera s.
ehu girantha phate chanda ke girantha ka nakalu phate chanda ka garantha puhakara ke girantha ka nakalu puhakara da girantha vade girantha nali sodhia hai panjave mahala guradasa pasahu likhavaia si jo osu girantha nali sodhai so girantha sudha hovai je phera girantha sodhia loriai ta jagane brahamana de girantha nali sudhi kari laiio horana girantha nalahu jagane brahamana da giranthu sudha kita puhakara da girantha jagane de girantha nali sudhu kia hai
After the performance, grandmaster Mithun Chakraborty, said: " The entire sequence retained the sanctity of the ceremony yet showed fine chemistry between the two dancers, who looked cute." Remo Fernandes, one of Geeta's rival mentors, joked: " Since the two of you have taken the pheras around the fire, technically you are married now.