PHFAPennsylvania Housing Finance Agency
PHFAPreferential Homoduplex Formation Assay (molecular biology)
PHFAPennsylvania Housing Finance Administration
PHFAPacific Housing and Finance Agency (California)
PHFAPCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)-Preferential Homoduplex Formation Assay (DNA typing method)
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Furthermore, it is assumed that the patient pays a higher gratuity to the doctor--the amount of which is directly related to the physician's accomplishment--when his health condition is improving than if his condition does not improve or it deteriorates: [mathematical expression not reproducible] is the patient's total contribution (tax) payment to the PHFA up to the date (denoted n) when he fell ill.
This year, FHLBank Pittsburgh provided $3 million toward the effort and PHFA provided $1.5 million, for a total contribution of $4.5 million.
The government had approved the establishment of PHFA in 2015 through a bill passed in the parliament.
The new ShoreTel solution will enable PHFA to perform identification logic, profile routing and multi-media queuing.
But PHFA was fair about our budgets and costs and even encouraged us to add resident service coordinators to some properties to help with the elderly population.
The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA) has released the statewide allocation plan for $15 million of housing tax credits in 2000.
These projects are being supported by the Pennsylvania Housing Affordability and Rehabilitation Enhancement (PHARE) fund, which is administered by PHFA and funded by the 2012 Act 13 impact fee on natural gas producers.
THE PENNSYLVANIA HOUSING FINANCE AGENCY (PHFA), Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is allocating $32.65 million of tax exempt bond authority for rental housing developments in Philadelphia and Allegheny County.
These lending partners play a key role in assisting homebuyers throughout the state in the application, processing, and closing of affordable PHFA home loans.