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(34.) For Vico's engraving and the letter from Benavides to Altoviti, see Davis, 1976a; and esp., 1976b: "[II colosso] da odore al mondo che costui habbia di gran lunga superare ogn'altro scultore famoso e chiaro, se Dio gli presta vita qualche anno, e che non gli manchi occasione, et ne fa fede questo solo, che egli sia tale, non essendo stato fatto colosso alcuno fin'hora da gli antichi in qua se non da costui, con tanto artificio, poi che una meraviglia ...."; "due Colossi con due cavalli simili alle statue di Fidia, e di Prasitele poste in Monte Cavallo; da porsi in una fontana." A number of the poems in Battiferra's Prima libro, both hers and others addressed to her, refer to her husband as "Phidias." See, e.g., her "Terza Ecloga" (Rome, Ms.
The art of Praxiteles appears to many to be an evolution from the pure classicism of Phidias to a more self-conscious grace and elegance.
Valla's second surprise is that one distinguishes the divergence in talent (ingenium) between two artists - with the stock names of Phidias and Praxiteles - by looking at their works.(44) This means a basic stylistic attribution or connoisseurship, not much unlike the way today museum visitors in a simple pleasure may try to guess artists' names before checking a label.
The Cyprus chamber of commerce and industry (Keve) elected Christodoulos Angastiniotis as its new chief at its annual general assembly on Tuesday, following the departure of Phidias Pilides, who served the maximum allowed two terms at the chamber's helm over the last six years.
The German Marshall Fund of the United States and the University of Nicosia, Centre for European Studies are organising a closed workshop today, Wednesday, that will look at "Hydrocarbons and Sustainable Development in Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean Region." The first session of the workshop held at the Hilton Hotel in Nicosia will be addressed by the Minister of Energy Giannis Maniatis, Sir Michael Leigh of the GMF, Michalis Attalides of the University of Nicosia, Charles Ellinas of the national oil & gas company KRETYK, UK management consultant Anastasios Giamourides and Phidias Pilides, president of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, KEVE.
President of Keve, Phidias Pilides said that the Chamber looked forward to the promotion of legislation and the introduction of incentives to help family businesses overcome the problems they face and stay alive.
The award was given to Yiannis Tinis, Managing Director, by Phidias Pilides, Chairman of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Philios Zachariades, Chairman of the Employers and Industrialists Federation.
Defence lawyers of four of the accused, Phidias Sarikas, Efstathios Efstathiou, Vassos Vassiliou and George Shiaili are due to submit suggestion to the court that the prima facie case against their clients had not been proved.
"The survival of Bank of Cyprus is not an option," CCCI Chairman Phidias Pelides stressed, in statements following the meeting.
KEVE chairman Phidias Pilides said important sectors of the economy would be affected while Cyprus lost an ally in the EU in relation with negotiations on a unified tax rate, which the island's rejects.