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That's right, Punxsutawney Phil is the real deal, and there is Phil gear to prove it.
Phil is the kind of guy who has been around for a long time so he will have learned a great deal from that first Test."
Phil's arrival will enable us to continue to provide our clients with the quality service they have come to expect." Phil is originally from West Yorkshire and moved to the region as a student in 1989 before training as a solicitor in South Shields.
"Where from?" At the minute Phil is getting ready for the Le Carousel shows, having tested the waters a few times in Belfast now.
Phil is married with two daughters and lives in Ulgham near Morpeth.
Mike Wright, managing director Land Rover UK, said: "I am delighted that Phil is rejoining us as sales director.
Phil is using a speed gun-style tester which puts 35kg of pressure on headstones, equivalent to a young child pushing them.
He added: "It is not about who is the best because everyone knows Phil is the best.
But thanks to Ann Quarrie and her Border Collie, Sweep, Phil is now able to enjoy his life more than he ever thought possible.
The one thing I am certain of is that, with their decision, Phil is going to be even more determined to prove them wrong.
We also have two bikes yet to be fully built up, so Phil is getting on with those.
The singer's mum-in-law Orawan Cevey said last night: "Phil is thrilled and has hardly left my daughter's hospital bed.