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PHILCOPhiladelphia Battery Company
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BioAdaptives said Philco will become the R and D and manufacturing arm of BioAdaptives.
In mid-1936, the Radio Corporation of America (RCA)--a rival of Philco's in television development-held the initial public demonstration of its new 343-horizontal-line screen technology, a substantial advancement over the previous 240-line standard.
Earlier in the morning, Smith had sold a 1939 Philco radio console, "which the people were just so tickled to get because it reminded them of their youth."
The Scheckel family did not own a television set but our Philco radio brought the outside world to our farm.
1961: Philco employees build the first known head-mounted display, called Headsight, which features a helmet outfitted with a cathode-ray tube and magnetic head-position tracking.
The Cubs were heard more often on my precious Philco
To name a few, the KT-e08 remote replaces the remote of Carrier, Chigo, Electrolux, Fujitsu, Goldstar, Haier, Hitachi, Hyundai, LG, McQuay, Midea, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Philco, Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp, Tadiran, Toshiba, Trane, Whirlpool, Uni-Air, York....and many more.
His antique radios, including a 1934 Philco, a 1931 Atwater Kent, and a Stromberg Carlson, are displayed all over the house.
When he was not working or pottering, he spent most of his time sitting, bent forward, a hand behind his left ear, his head thrust almost against the speaker of his tall Philco radio cabinet.
What is meant by this scene of the past that the poet has never been able to retrieve--what is it about the Philco, the Ravel, the dancing?
In a statement released on Thursday, Trustco said it had, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Trustco Property Holdings, signed a sale of shares agreement with Philco Twenty Two (Pty) Ltd for the entire shareholding in Elisenheim Property Development Company.