PHILEMPhilemon (New Testament)
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New Delhi [India] Mar 18 (ANI): A 24-year-old Manipur cyclist Philem Rohan Singh, completed a nine-day cycling journey from Jammu to Greater Noida in a bid to raise funds for the martyrs of Pulwama Attack.
(12) Philem O'Neill 'The Weekend Starts Here,' The Guardian, 19 July 2000, http://, accessed 20 August 2007.
A 23-year-old Northeast cyclist from Manipur, Rohan Philem Singh is on a mission to make India better.
Philem Kine, Human Rights Watch deputy director for Asia, was referring to Lagdameo's letter published on Monday in the Guardian.
Friendship patronage also accounts for Paul's financial dealings with Philemon (promising to pay for losses Onesimus has caused; expecting Philemon to host Paul as a guest: Philem. 17, 22) and Lydia (to whose insistence that Paul's team lodge in her home he submits after she has become a believer: Acts 16:2), on behalf of Phoebe (who has been his benefactor: Rom.
Human Rights Watch deputy director for Asia Philem Kine warned that Duterte's recent pronouncements endanger the lives of Filipinos as they may fall victims to 'state-sanctioned murder.'
As a reminder to the leaders of VACC, allow me to quote Philem Kine, deputy director of HRW's Asia Division: Duterte's boastful brand of violent impunity should be a path to prosecution, not a platform for political office.