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PHILIPPhilippians (New Testament)
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Carey told him to put the bricks away at once, and stood over him while Philip did so.
Philip felt inclined to cry, but he had an instinctive disinclination to letting other people see his tears, and he clenched his teeth to prevent the sobs from escaping.
"Philip made so much noise that I couldn't sleep a wink."
This was not quite accurate, for he had been kept awake by his own thoughts; and Philip, listening sullenly, reflected that he had only made a noise once, and there was no reason why his uncle should not have slept before or after.
Carey looked at Philip surreptitiously now and then, but the Vicar elaborately ignored him.
"I don't wish you to go to church tonight, Philip. I don't think you're in a proper frame of mind to enter the House of God."
"But haven't you been taught any thing?" said Tom, beginning to have a puzzled suspicion that Philip's crooked back might be the source of remarkable faculties.
"Yes," said Philip, smiling; "I've been taught Latin and Greek and mathematics, and writing and such things."
"Pretty well; I don't care much about it," said Philip.
Philip felt some bitter complacency in the promising stupidity of this well-made, active-looking boy; but made polite by his own extreme sensitiveness, as well as by his desire to conciliate, he checked his inclination to laugh, and said quietly,--
"Yes," said Philip, coloring deeply; "don't you love yours?"
"Oh yes--I only wanted to know," said Tom, rather ashamed of himself, now he saw Philip coloring and looking uncomfortable.