PHIOPrivate Health Insurance Ombudsman (Australia)
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Collaborations: Phio has established a number of strong collaborations with leading academic and corporate institutions.
Based on these positive preclinical results, Phio is advancing PH-762 for two distinct clinical applications: one for use in adoptive cell transfer of T cells and one for direct administration within the tumor micro-environment.
The Company's next pipeline product, PH-804, is designed to silence the expression of immune exhaustion target TIGIT by NK cells and T cells resulting in them becoming 'weaponized.' To date, Phio has shown that reduction of TIGIT by PH-804 leads to an increase in the cytotoxic capacity of NK cells.
In stark contrast to current public-key cryptography protocols for secure data transmission, which are rooted in mathematical algorithms and inherently breakable, Phio relies on the fundamental properties of quantum mechanics to physically transfer a shared secret between two entities.
Prior to joining Phio, he spent eight years at Ziopharm Oncology Inc, most recently serving as the vice president of R&D and Translational Medicine.
Dr Gerrit Dispersyn, president and CEO of Phio Pharmaceuticals, said, 'I am delighted to welcome John to Phio.
LHC loadings were introduced on 1 July 2000, meaning that the 2010-11 year was the first reported period in which some people had their loading completely removed.' (PHIO 2014:13)
Phio's world as well as his work was a blend of Jewish and Greek.
If Phio took himself with a grain of salt, it can not be easily perceived from his works.
It has also become the first company to license Phios Corp's Phios Process Repository, a tool which will allow Origin consultants to map business processes, compare them with a best practices database and suggest improvements.