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PHIP2-Amino-1-Methyl-6-Phenylimidazo (4,5-B)pyridine
PHIPParrot Heads in Paradise, Inc.
PHIPPublic Health Improvement Plan (various locations)
PHIPPara-Hydrogen Induced Polarization (NMR spectroscopy)
PHIPPet Health Insurance Program
PHIPProduct Human Interaction Platform (Instablogs News Network)
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Sir William Phips then arrived in Boston with a new charter from King William and a commission to be governor.
Other enrollees claimed that richer families usually receive refunds from PHIP while they don't.
Locke reported data from a health maintenance organization in the northeastern United States that compared medical costs for a group of 114 PHIP participants who had persistent or recurring somatic complaints and no medical diagnosis with 176 similar patients who were referred to but did not participate in the program.
No wonder, then, that clergymen like Parris and Mather looked to authorities like Phips and Stoughton to adjudicate the matter.
Value of PhiPS II and qP reflect the actual efficiency of PSII and the proportion of the PSII open reaction center as well as reduction of electron participating in CO2 fixation, respectively.
That year, an expedition under Major-General Sir William Phips consisting of 32 New England ships and 2,200 troops failed at Quebec due to adverse winds, a shortage of ammunition and an epidemic of smallpox.
Thus, by October, Governor William Phips faced an entirely different, more manageable, situation from the one he encountered when he arrived in Boston in May, a month in which thirty-nine complaints and arrests were occurring in thirteen different towns.
Le sauvetage archeologique de I'epave d'un vaisseau de la flotte de Phips (1690).
Following a former indentured servant as he's pressed into militia service, barely escapes an Indian massacre, and later, sets under Captain Phips to salvage sunken gold--only to have the trip take a vicious plunge into mutiny, piracy, and testimony for a ruthless trial ablaze with hanging fever.
Charles, the first-born, succeeded his father and developed his land at Longueil into the most important seigneury in the colony; Jean-Baptiste was the founder of New Orleans; Jacques, Sieur de SainteHelene, drove Sir William Phips away from Quebec in 1690; and Pierre, Joseph, Louis and Philippe served with Pierre de Troyes in Hudson's Bay.
PHIPs include plans under which coverage is provided for medical, hospital or dental expenses, or a combination of such expenses.
Some of his writings were Memorable Providences Relating to Witchcrafts and Possessions (1689), The Present State of New England (1690), The Wonderful Works of God Commemorated (1690), The <IR> WONDERS OF THE INVISIBLE WORLD </IR> (1963), The Short History of New England (1694), The Life of His Excellency, Sir William Phips (1697), Reasonable Religion (1700), <IR> MAGNALIA CHRISTI AMERICANA </IR> (1702), The Negro Christianized (1706), The Deplorable State of New England (1707, 1708), <IR> BONIFACIUS </IR> (1710), Psalterium Americanum (1718), <IR> THE CHRISTIAN PHILOSOPHER </IR> (1721), An Account of Inoculating the Small Pox (in collaboration with Dr.