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Sir William Phips then arrived in Boston with a new charter from King William and a commission to be governor."
She confessed to witchcraft and named her conspirators: Phips convened the Court of Oyer and Terminer and appointed William Stoughton to oversee the trials.
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Phips journeyed from Boston to London in 1691 to urge the king to continue the attack on Canada with its profitable furs and fisheries, but the threat to William's native Netherlands proved more pressing.
Thus, by October, Governor William Phips faced an entirely different, more manageable, situation from the one he encountered when he arrived in Boston in May, a month in which thirty-nine complaints and arrests were occurring in thirteen different towns.
Following a former indentured servant as he's pressed into militia service, barely escapes an Indian massacre, and later, sets under Captain Phips to salvage sunken gold--only to have the trip take a vicious plunge into mutiny, piracy, and testimony for a ruthless trial ablaze with hanging fever.
En ellas podemos encontrar un conjunto heterogeneo de personajes: Empedocles, Erostrato, Crates, Septima, Lucrecio, Clodia, Petronio, Sufrah, Fratre Dolcino, Cecco Angiolieri, Paolo Uccello, Nicolas Loyseleur, Katherine la Encajera, Alain le Gentil, Gabriel Spenser, Pocahontas, Cyril Tourneur, William Phips, El capitan Kid, Walter Kennedy, El Mayor Stede Bonnet y Los senores Burke y Hare.
Charles, the first-born, succeeded his father and developed his land at Longueil into the most important seigneury in the colony; Jean-Baptiste was the founder of New Orleans; Jacques, Sieur de SainteHelene, drove Sir William Phips away from Quebec in 1690; and Pierre, Joseph, Louis and Philippe served with Pierre de Troyes in Hudson's Bay.
The English Governor of Massachusetts, Sir William Phips, established the Court of Oyer (to hear) and Terminer (to decide) to determine the fates of these individuals.
This site includes a chronology, the actual arrest warrants, letters from Governor Phips, petitions of convicted witches, information on The Crucible and other historical links.
For other similar situations, or possible diplomatic deception by the Abenakis, see Captain Williams to Lieutenant Governor Phips, March 19, 1753, Journal of the House (N.H.), April 27, 1753; Lieutenant Governor Dummer's letter, May 23, 1727, Bax.