PHLIPublic Health Leadership Institutes
PHLIPublic Higher Learning Institution (Malaysia)
PHLIPfizer Health Literacy Initiative (Pfizer, Inc.)
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These circumstances, as well as the traditional focus of PHLI, would seem to suggest that NEHA should advocate for the creation of a separate leadership institute.
The ninth year of the PHLI will begin on November 6, 1999, with an orientation for scholars at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting in Washington, D.
Additional information and applications are available from the Director, PHLI, telephone (510) 986-0140.
Fred Duffner, President of PacificHealth Laboratories said, "Robert brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in assisting PHLI address its core needs in the area of science and the development of new products.
From the beginning, PHLI made it very clear they wanted to work with us and showed great confidence in our ability to deliver a great service.
PHLI will provide samples of its FORZE GPS products including two new bar flavor offerings, Chocolate Decadence and Caramel Chocolate.
PHLI will use a special sales tool at the Interbike Expo -- the FORZE GPS Realizer anti-gravity running machine.
PHLI is also pleased to announce that Brazcom Services, a distributor of PHLI products, has begun selling the full line of FORZE GPS products in Brazil.
Jason Ash, President and CEO of PHLI, said "The expansion of our retail footprint is a key leg of our strategy, and today's announcement about The Vitamin Shoppe, alongside the announcement last week about GNC, is evidence that we are making solid progress in providing an extensive network of retail outlets for our new product launches.
Ultimately, success will drive value for the category as a whole, as well as for the retailer and PHLI.
PHLI continues to meet its goals in terms of innovation, market expansion and operational efficiency.