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Wagner, "Tumor-targeted delivery of anti-microRNA for cancer therapy: PHLIP is Key," Angewandte Chemie--International Edition, vol.
Phlip, known to some as Jessica Phillipe, discovered house music in her hometown of Champaign, Ill.
A commercial thiosulfate BODIPY dye [42] has been used for labeling a cysteine residue at the C-terminal end of the peptide pHLIP. Unfortunately, the conjugation methodology was not presented in detail, but the rationale behind the choice of conjugation method can be elucidated.
Levitz, Phlip and Pop-Eleches, Grigore (2010), "Why Not Backsliding?
Meanwhile, the public-health laboratory-interoperability project (PHLIP) is establishing reliable data exchange between state public-health labs and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by fostering collaboration in information technology and lab science.
It has benefited from comments from colleagues, especially Ide Kearney and David Duffy, from Phlip Lane, TCD, as well as participants at the June 2009 EUROFRAME conference in London and participants at a meeting of National Economic Research Organisations, OECD, Paris, September, 2009
Katrina Phlip -- Denmark, Egypt, 2008, 29 minAaAaAa "The Lion Tamer" -- Short Doc.
Former KABZ-FM, 103.7 (The Buzz), morning show personalities Phillip Beard (Phlip Satchel on-air) and Chris Brown (the erstwhile "Suncom Chick") were charged with felonies after handing out gay pore DVDs at a Gay Pride parade in Conway.
* PHLIP (Prentice Hall's Learning on the Internet Partnership) is a content-rich business Web site for management, accounting, marketing, finance, and economics developed by college professors.
Byline: Phlip Tallentire Boro Editor
LEADER OF THE PACK: Elswick's Phlip Hurst leads the field early in the under-17 contest in Belfast before eventually finishing in third place; RUNNING HOME: Gosforth's Michael Priestley enters the finishing straight in fifth place in the under-15 race