PHMMPartly Hidden Markov Model
PHMMPosterior Horn Medial Meniscus
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A two day workshop was conducted for PHMM to update the knowledge, to facilitate acquisition of favorable attitudes and practices and to improve the skills of counseling the target community.
Initially, evaluation of the effectiveness of intervention in improving knowledge and attitudes on the PHMM after two months and on target group after six months of intervention using same questionnaires both in IA and CA.
the PHMM were targeted in the intervention because they are the most appropriate service providers to conduct the intervention, being responsible for providing FP services at the grass root level.
First session was conducted by the PI with the PHM while the next three were by the PHMM. The involvement of the PI in the sessions facilitated clarification of most of the misconceptions that were influencing the participants' behavior.
The findings of FGDs which were conducted in three different working categories compatible with that of the base line survey on PHMM and the target group with agreement of existence of unmet need and its' serious but avoidable consequences.
Among PHMM in IA and CA, all other socio demographic variables had no significant difference except the marital status which showed a significant difference between IA and CA (p = 0.006) where 62% of PHMM in IA and 88% in CA were married, but practical relevance cannot be attached to it as majority in the two groups were married.
Recently the PHMM displayed the documentary "Machinema," independently created by Rita J King and Joshua S.
Vilnai's comment aside, it was an American film that inspired Yousef to create the PHMM. "Freedom Writers" is the story of a multi-ethnic group of students who change their life after their teacher takes them to a Holocaust Museum.
While the response to the PHMM has largely been positive, Yahia said much criticism was directed to the use of the term "holocaust."
Although, and the PHMM project -- subsidiaries of Media International -- are among the first examples of their kind to appear on SL platform.
The PHMM was a measure taken to "react in a systematic, organized way." This is, Yousef says, because the Arab reaction is often "accused of being a vocal phenomenon."
Sometimes the PHMM serves to recall the lives of entire families lost -- such as the As-samouni family, 48 members of which were killed on Jan.