PHMSPine Hollow Middle School (Raleigh, NC)
PHMSPatrick Henry Middle School
PHMSPan Head Machine Screw
PHMSPleasant Hills Middle School (Pennsylvania, USA)
PHMSPerry Hall Middle School (Baltimore, MD)
PHMSPulaski Heights Middle School (Little Rock, AR)
PHMSPig Health Monitoring Scheme
PHMSPalm Harbor Middle School (Palm Harbor, Florida)
PHMSPilot Helmet Sight System
PHMSPioneer Heritage Middle School (Frisco, TX)
PHMSPig Health Monitoring Services
PHMSPaul Hadley Middle School (Mooresville, IN)
PHMSPublic Mental Health System (Maryland)
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In contrast, both PHMs and nonmolar specimens (including those with abnormal villous morphology) contain a maternal chromosome complement and exhibit diffuse p57 expression in these cell types (Figure 5, B and C).
According to extant literature, we hypothesized that the PHMS would be positively related to homework self-regulation (e.g., Cunha et al., 2015; Xu & Corno, 1998, 2003).
* Partial hydatidiform mole (PHM) with a live fetus is a rare condition.
PHMs are usually triploid, the extra haploid set of chromosome can have either a maternal origin (digynic triploidy) or a paternal one (diandric triploidy) (14), (15).
The full "Health Education Package" for the clients consisted of four sessions of which the first one was conducted by the principal investigator (PI) and the PHM. The rest three were conducted by the PHM during home visits, at clinics and at any suitable place where she came in contact with the selected women.
Eighty nine of them with Complete Hydatiform Mole (CHM) diagnosis and six of them with Partial Hydatiform Mole (PHM).
The pink hibiscus mealybug (PHM) has a dainty name, but don't let it fool you.
With PHMS, if a system, such as the aircraft's radar capability were to fail or sustain battle damage, the technology would signal an in flight reconfiguration thus allowing the pilot to link to a wingman's radar system to complete the mission.
Hydatidiform moles have a characteristic genetic composition: complete hydatidiform moles (CHMs) are entirely paternally derived, (127) most often with a diploid homozygous 46XX genotype, whereas partial moles (PHMs) are typically triploid with 1 set of maternal and 2 sets of paternal chromosomes.
The current regulatory requirements for facility siting can be significantly different, depending on whether a facility is under federal (PHMS A), state or local jurisdiction.
According to PHMS A, one-third of all distribution failures are caused by excavation damage and it is a leading cause of pipeline incidents involving fatalities and injuries.
(2) "Integrity Management for Gas Distribution," Report of Phase I Investigations prepared by joint work/study groups including representatives of: Stakeholder Public, Gas Distribution Pipeline Industry, State Pipeline Safety Representatives, PHMS, December 2005.