PHNCPopulation, Health and Nutrition Center
PHNCPublic Health Nutrition Consultant (California)
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The comparison of the OP-OFDM, OP-PNSC, phase noise compensation (PHNC) and phase noise self-cancellation (PHNSC) schemes is illustrated in terms of the SINR and BER performances.
We exchanged a number of emails, and shortly, they invited me to visit the P&G Pet Care corporate offices in Dayton, Ohio, as well as the PHNC in Lewisburg, an hour away.
At that time, I had tried to make the case to a PR person for Jams that if the company was confident that the PHNC and living conditions for the resident research animals were as they described, they should welcome the opportunity to prove it.
Best yet was the fact that almost every dog I met turned out to have been adopted from the P&G PHNC after he or she was retired from research duties.
Finally, we got back into cars and drove for a little under an hour to the PHNC. The 250-acre site where the research animals are kept is tucked behind a P&G extrusion (dry pet food) manufacturing plant.
My guide for the tour, the manager of the PHNC, was patient.
The PHNC is laid out a bit like a cross between a commercial farm and a university veterinary school campus, with a dozen or so buildings connected by paved paths and separated by grassy paddocks.
According to Taylor, "The Center is an extension of the PHNC, and follows the same P&G Pet Care animal studies policies.