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Tenders are invited for Gr.2, Phno :2015,- Lignocaine Hydrochloride Jelly 2 Percent Tube 30Gm Note:- 1 The Supply To Be Made Within 6 Months From The Date Of Manufacture.
Tenders are invited for Phno.:42409 Synthetic Absorable Sutures Pds Ii Polydioxanone Monofilament Violet 1/2 Circle Round Body Heavy 40 Mm, 150 Cm Loop Size 1 12 Foils Per Box Usa Fda Approved
Tenders are invited for Phno.:40510 Hdl Cholesterol 1 X 40 Ml Direct For Semi Auto Analyser
Tenders are invited for Phno.:40497 Clot Acceletor Plus Serum Sepator Plain 13 X75 Mm Tube With Cap.
Tenders are invited for Phno.:42831 Interlockin Nail Tibia With Multiplanar Proximal Locking With Semi Extension Nailing Procedure Compatibility
Tenders are invited for Phno.:42247 Total Hip Replacement Set-Uncemented Femoral Stem, Acetabulum Cup, Femoral Head, Liner All Sizes Us Fda Approved With Instrumentation Set To Be Provided.
Tenders are invited for Phno.:36143 Non-Invasive Breathing Mask With Patient Circuit For Airox Ventilator Bi-Pap Model Smart Air St