PHODPhysical Oceanography Division (Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory)
PHODPrincipal Head of Department (Indian railways)
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Maj Gen SS Nair said that the Thod Phod Jod Lb section of the hub would be very popular with present generation of students.
The three most important competition are "bridal competition", "matka phod" and "longest moustache.
chos rgyal chen po 'di la sras bzhi ste/ chos rgyal a mgon bzang po ni/ dpa' mdzangs (2) brtul phod kyi skyes bu che ba'i sku chung ngu'i dus su mon ko dol gsum dbang du 'dus/ bod khams skyong ba'i (3) bdag por (4) che 'don mdzad/ chen po la 'os pa'i las 'dzin bcu gsum gyi rnam bzhag mdzad/ e wam pa'i gdan rabs gsum pa 'jam dbyangs shes rab rgya mtsho dbu yi bla mchod du bkur/ byams chen dang bka'
The club has also organised the traditional "Matka Phod" ritual, where male participants will attempt to climb human pyramids to break a pot of buttermilk.
In the colophon it reads as Ces kha gling gi rgyal rigs bslabs pa 'dzin pa mkyen pa la mi rmongs pa'i lha btsun ngag dbang phun tshogs dang/ phyi tshang mong khar gyi rgyal rigs dpa' mdzangs brtul phod che zhing khungs btsun pa'i rgyal pos brtsams.
Holi-themed dances and songs were also staged as well as the traditional pot-breaking ritual, the Matka Phod.
NOAA P-3 dropsonde data were provided by NOAA's Physical Oceanography Division (PHOD) of Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory.
Abdullah, Jaime Pacanan, a certain Engineer Romy, Alberto Olasiman, Tats Ampatuan, Abdulmanan Ali @Rams/Ram Ali, a certain Mahir, Police Officer 3 Salapudin or Phods, Nehru Ampatuan, Guidtayan P.