PHODSPortable Helicopter Oxygen Delivery System (military equipment)
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Tenders are invited for Construction Of 15 Units Type-Vi Officers Quarters For Phods, 01 Unit Type-Vii (Gm~s Bungalow) And 20 Units Type-V Quarters Including Miscellaneous Works At Dighaghat, Patna.
Tenders are invited for Construction of 15 units type vi officers quarters for phods 01 unit typevii gms bungalow and 20 units type v quarters including miscellaneous works at dighaghat patna
Purchase of spare parts for equipment kits aircrews and helicopters - Helmet Air ALPHA 700 (of 001 contracts)- Helmet Air ALPHA 200 (of 002 contracts)- Helmet air HGP-56P (Part 003 contracts)- Oxygen system phods (Part 004 contracts)- Lifejacket AERAZUR (Part 005 contracts)- Lifejacket BEAUFORT (Part 006 contracts)- ANVIS night vision goggles M949 (Part 007 contracts)- Anti-G trousers AEAZUR (Part 008 contracts)- Oxygen Mask GENTEX (Part 009 contracts).