PHOENICSParabolic Hyperbolic Or Elliptic Numerical Integrated Code Series (fluid dynamics software from CHAM, Wimbledon, UK)
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It shows that temperature field predictions by PHOENICS are in agreement with the experimental and numerical results.
This expansion into Israel is mainly driven by Phoenics' partner, Cavium, with whom Phoenics Electronics has had a strong relationship with for over 14 years.
Wu, The PHOENICS Beginner's Menu System User Guide, CHAM/TR 217 A, Bakery House, UK (1990).
"Invariably, you must perform a good heat transfer analysis to predict the effects of cooling," said Pedro Marcal, president of Phoenics North America in Atlanta, Ga., a division of CHAM.
Software package Phoenics 3.5 was selected for modelling aerodynamic processes in a bio-filter.
(Hanover, N.H.), Phoenics from Cham of North America Inc.
Numerical modelling of solid particle dispersion in the atmosphere using the programs "VARSA" and "PHOENICS", Journal of Environmental Engineering and Landscape Management 9(1): 23-28.
[6] simulated the air flow field using the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software FLUENT and PHOENICS, respectively.
Phoenics 3.5 program (acronym: Parabolic Hyperbolic Or Elliptic Numerical Integration Code Series), belonging to CHAM (Concentration Heat and Momentum Limited) is applied to constitute a model for determening the heavy metals concentration in the Neris river stream.
The computational fluid dynamics software package PHOENICS, CHAM (UK), has been employed for the evaluation of velocity, pressure and temperature fields.
In order to simulate the dispersion of solid particles (SP) in the air, there can be applied the "Phoenics" software in which the proximity methods of equation solution are used, because an accurate analytic solution of movement equations is not possible to be applied (Baltrenas et al.