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PHOGPseudoautosomal Homeobox-Containing Osteogenic Gene
PHOGPfadi Helfenberg-Oberberg Gossau (German; Swiss scouting camp)
PHOGProvincial Home Owner Grant (British Columbia, Canada)
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In fact, PHOG, which not only can represents the whole shape information, but also describes the local shape information and spatial relationship, is a spatial shape descriptor, and has attained satisfying performance on object classification.
Ni Shuilleabh n has published a second novel, Marach An Phog San [But for that Kiss] (2001), and Tina Nic Enri, her daughter, has also published a novel An Coimhthioch Caol Dubh [The Dark Slender Stranger] (1994).
Anti-Doping Agency was created, until the last few months, it was as if the Olympic committee types, those "useless quadrennial world travelers," as Phog Allen once called them, had done absolutely nothing.
The shrubs and herbs associated with this formation are still relatively widespread; the most common species are the bubry (Acacia jacquemontii, Leguminosae), phog (Calligonum polygonoides), the seablite (Suaeda fruticosa), and two grasses--gorka (Elionurus hirsutus,) and dab (Eragrostis cynosu-roides).
The title page reads (warts and all): / skyon spangs yon tan kun rdzogs pa'i // smra mchog 'gon po la btud nas // byams pa'i rgyud 'dzin rgyal ba'i sras // 'jam dbyangs sprul pa bla ma yis // bdag gzhan 'ga' zhig don ched du // dgongs pa rgyan gyi me tog brtsams // sde snod rin chen rgya mtsho las // sa bon mkhas slabs gzhung las btus // thos bsam rig pa'i 'dum rar btab // dam chos pad mo'i skyed de // shes rab nyi gzer phog nas don // kha 'byed legs snang ngo mtshar che //.
To Oklahoma State's "Iron Duke," Henry Iba, like Phog Allen an early-day legend, "true bounce" has always been the gentle synonym for the game he loves dearly (in effect, if you will, a dig at what Iba calls "bad bounce," i.
Grazing/Browsing Species: Proximate analysis of grazing/browsing species like kikar (Acacia nilotica), phulai (Acacia modesta), beri (Ziziphus mauritiana), siras (Albizia labbek), jand (Prosopis cineraria), khagal (Tamarix aphylla), dhaman (Cenchrus ciliaris), persain (Suaeda fruticosa), khawi (Cymbopogon schoenanthus), bui (Kochia indica), bhakra (Tribulus terrestris), kari (Capparis spinosa), laana (Haloxylon salincornicum), phog (Calligonam polygonoides), karir (Capparis decidua), khar laana (Haloxylon recurvum) are presented in table-5.
Rabang expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the Chairpersons of all participating clubs, namely, Avocado, Battledores, Beaufort, Desert Falcons, Elite BC, Faisalliance, FLEEQ, FBB, Hataw, IBC, Indian Tigers, Jaunty, JBC, Jeddah Green, KAIA, KINC, Malabar, MBA, MBC, Pak Tigers, PBB, PHOG, Pak Tigers, Red Sea Dragons, Shuttle Eagles, Slashers, Smaikers New Gen, Smash Arabia, Fun Badminton Club from the Eastern Region and some independent players.
Andrew Wiggins added 12 points and Naadir Tharpe of Worcester had 10 for the Jayhawks (8-3), who proved once more why the Phog is such a hostile venue.
Thousands of followers of Sikh religion across the globe especially from India and different parts of Pakistan attend their religious festival of Besakhi every year to perform Akhand, Paat Sahib, Phog, Ardas and Hukam Nama.
And then Lucas visited Kansas, spent some time at Phog Allen Fieldhouse, encountered the school's hoops tradition.