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PHOLEDPhosphorescent Organic Light-Emitting Diode
PHOLEDProprietary Electrophosphorescent Light Emitting Diode (Universal Display Corporation)
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In a PHOLED, 25% of the excitons are singlets and 75% of them are triplets.
For example, a 5.6-cm full-color OLED, operating at 200 candelas per [m.sup.2] (cd/[m.sup.2]) with 30% of the pixels illuminated (typical image), has a PHOLED luminous efficiency advantage that equates to a 40% power consumption savings as compared to the fluorescent OLED (FL-OLED) and today's LCD equivalent.
For example, the temperature rise in an FL-OLED would be about 30[degree]C while the temperature rise would be reduced to 10-17[degree]C with PHOLED technology (assuming a 102-cm-diagonal OLED).
However, PHOLED consumes relatively little power in the thin-film transistor backplane, reducing its mobility requirements.
How it works: FOLED, TOLED, and PHOLED technologies will be used to produce conformable and transparent displays.
Model Samsung Galaxy S4-GT19500 Display 5.0-inch Green PHOLED Full HD screen OS Android v4.2.2*** OS (updated Jelly Bean) Processor Samsung Exynos 5410 Octa-core processorwith 1.8GHz clock speed(US variant expected to feature quad-coreProcessor with 1.8GHz clock speed) GPU PowerVR SGX 544MP RAM 2GB RAM Memory Expected to ship in with 16GB,32GB &16GB models Camera Rear:13.0-megapixel 3D cameraFront: details unavailable Dimensions 140.1 x 71.8 x 7.7 mm Weight 138 g The Galaxy S4 launch event will kick off at Radio City Music Hall, New York City, and will be broadcasted live at the famous Times Square Junction on Thursday at 7:00 PM ET (Eastern Time).