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PHOTONICSPhoto Electronics
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The IPKISS framework was originally developed by UGent s Photonics Research Group and imec s associated lab at UGent, while the VUB s B-PHOT team developed the B-CALM software.
The demand for industrial laser and optical systems is increasing with global trends; the photonics industry has great potential.
Internet Photonics has an impressive portfolio of optical Ethernet and WDM solutions that address some critical needs among carriers and cable operators," said Barb Majerus, vice president of services business development for ADC.
Photonics uses optical sensors, light pulses in glass fibers and streak cameras or other optical display devices in place of electrical sensors, electrical pulses in coaxial cables and oscilloscopes.
SA Photonics excelled during an incredibly difficult economic environment because of its talented team and their focus on delivering product.
SA Photonics develops a wide range of advanced photonics solutions for military and commercial customers, including free-space optical communication systems, high power pulsed fiber lasers, and night vision head mounted displays.
In a stagnant economic environment, SA Photonics was able to grow its revenue by an impressive 257% between 2007 and 2010 and triple the number of its employees.
Lebby addressed the technical leaders of Japan's silicon and photonics industries in a field that has attracted huge audiences over the past five years.
IPG Photonics is a leading global manufacturer of high-performance fiber lasers and amplifiers for diverse applications in numerous markets, such as materials processing, communications, medical, and scientific and research.
Luxtera's breakthrough CMOS Photonics technology integrates high-performance photonics and mainstream electronics on a single die, which along with flip-chip integrated lasers brings fiber connectivity directly to the chip.
To support this single platform approach, Apogee Photonics has a T10-0120-021 evaluation board using the Vitesse VSC7982 driver that supports both the 1310nm and the 1550nm TOSA.
Michael Lebby, President and CEO of the Optoelectronics Industry Development Association (OIDA), gave the keynote address at Europe's annual Photonics 21 Conference, the main platform to develop public-private cooperation in Europe's photonics industry.
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