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Excretion rates for T, pHBEN and pHPAC were maximum at 0-4 h, being 0.008 ([+ or -]0.004), 0.611 ([+ or -]0.200) and 5.778 ([+ or -]2.062) mg/h, respectively, while for HT, HVA, HVAlc and DHPAC the maximum excretion rates at 0-4h were 4.762 ([+ or -]1.296), 9.116 ([+ or -]3.596), 0.025 ([+ or -]0.004) and 17.866 ([+ or -]11.275) mg/h, respectively.
This, in comparison with the significant correlation observed in the present study between T, pHBEN and pHPAC in plasma as well as in urine, indicates that either pHBEN or pHPAC is the so-called "new substance".
Increases of 15% for T, pHBEN, pHPAC, HVA and HVAlc and 50% for HT and DHPAC were observed in plasma 1 h after intervention (Figs.