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Bis-MPA dendrimer cores containing hydrolytically sensitive ester bonds were used and grafted with water-soluble pHPMA copolymers to increase the molecular weight of the carrier system, which facilitated higher accumulation in tumor tissue.
HMW polymer systems are water-soluble polymers with star-like architectures based on linear pHPMA copolymer grafted onto 3rd and 4th generation bis-MPA dendrimers.
The semitelechelic statistical pHPMA copolymer P1 (Table 1) with TT end groups (F = 1.4) containing Boc-protected hydrazide groups located randomly along the polymer chain was prepared by FRP initiated by an azo-initiator containing reactive TT groups.
The RAFT polymerization technique using a dithiobenzoate-based chain-transfer agent was successfully utilized for the preparation of nearly monodisperse PHPMA precursors with yields comparable to those obtained in the free radical polymerization technique.
In agreement with previous conclusions [13], it was confirmed that steric hindrance did not influence the drug release rate from soluble HMW pHPMA conjugates.