PHPSPublic Health Prevention Service (US CDC)
PHPSPlant Health Propagation Scheme (UK)
PHPSPHP Hypertext Preprocessor Source
PHPSParkwood Hills Public School (Ottawa, Canada)
PHPSPulsed High Power System (EMEGS)
PHPSPrince Henry Pain Scale (postoperative pain)
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The private component consists of private services that receive direct payment from users; and the private health plan (PHP) component, which offers different types of plans, with different coverages, monthly rates and tax subsidies (10).
The routine use of PHPs by medical licensing boards (MLBs) as diversion programs not just for addictions, but for an expansive list of allegedly impairing mental conditions, (3) has brought legal methods and adversarial attitudes into what began as a collegial, clinical process.
Speaking at the event, PHPS Founder and former president of the National Council for Homeopathy Homeopathic Doctor Syed Javed Hussain Shah said the purpose of the workshop was to make homeopaths aware of the Sindh Healthcare Commission's MSDSs and allay any reservations about those rules in order to bring all the homeopathic clinics up to the MSDSs, according to a statement issued here on Sunday.
Articles related to PHPs, in particular, typically paint an overly rosy picture of the effectiveness of these programs and fail to note important problematic aspects.
The "temporary" program restored full coverage to pregnant women and children and gave all refugee claimants, regardless of country of origin, coverage for medical care, diagnostics, hospital services, and prescriptions to treat PHPS threats.
Physicians find their way to PHPs in a number of ways.
Summers, MD, the APA Trustee-at-Large noted: "State PHPs are an essential resource for physicians, but there is a tremendous diversity in quality and approach.
Dr.Gold also led a more recent study comparing psychiatric and substance use disorders among physicians in a state Physician's Health Program (PHP) with those in a general treatment population.
Oscillating heat pipes (OHPs), also referred to as pulsating heat pipes (PHPs), are a relatively new development in the field of heat pipe technology.