PHQPatient Health Questionnaire
PHQParts Headquarters, Inc. (various locations)
PHQPersonal History Questionnaire
PHQPast Honored Queen (International Order of Job's Daughters)
PHQProvincial Headquarter (Pakistan)
PHQPeacetime Headquarters
PHQParks Canada Headquarters
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Home Minister G Kaito Aye seen being presented by State DGP B Kezo at the PHQ Police Officer Interaction function at PHQ Conference Hall.
As military police continued to respond to the ongoing threat from the hotel, guard force reports began to come in from the other side of the PHQ compound.
As military police squads and the PHQ guard force reacted to contact from three sides of the PHQ, the battalion tactical command post at the PHQ began repositioning mounted elements to the west side of the PHQ in response to the new threats.
While the ANP cleared the lower floors of the hotel, Soldiers inside the PHQ and responding squads from the 202d, 511th, and 552d Military Police Companies maintained suppressive fire against insurgents near the roof.
At 1230, small arms were continuing to be fired from the hotel and harassing fire and grenades were still being reported from the opposite side of the PHQ.
At 1302, a second VBIED detonated along Route Elizabeth, to the northeast of the PHQ.
On PHQ 42 per cent subjects had at least one psychiatric diagnosis.
Our results showed that PHQ could be a valuable screening instrument for psychiatric morbidity in primary care and general medical practice.
PRIME-MD PHQ has been found to facilitate rapid and accurate diagnosis of the most common mental disorders seen in primary care (19).
According to the length of the questionnaire, PHQ has three versions: 2-page version (Brief PHQ) that covers only mood and panic disorder; 3-page version which covers 8 diagnoses; and the 4-page version, which in addition to the above has questions about menstruation, pregnancy, child birth, and recent psychosocial stressors.