PHRCPennsylvania Human Relations Commission
PHRCPresidential Human Rights Committee (Philippines)
PHRCPhysics Research Center (Iran)
PHRCPalestine Human Rights Campaign
PHRCPublic History Resource Center (est. 1999)
PHRCPublic Health Research Center (Columbia, SC)
PHRCPacific Health Research Council
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This was a Descriptive study undertaken in PHRC TB research Centre, Department of Pulmonology, KEMU/Mayo Hospital Lahore.
The Finance Ministry had ordered to give health allowance only to those employees who were deputed in government hospitals', the document added and maintained that employees of PHRC do not fall in the category of beneficiaries of health allowance.
The PHRC was shut down more than two years ago, and efforts to reopen it had been affected by power problems.
Each PHRC must oversee research at provincial level.
The PHRC began work in January 2006 to develop a decision-making model, business continuity plan, human resources plan and communications plan that would be operationalized in the event the University faced a major public health event.
This work was supported by grants from the Region Rhone-Alpes, the Ligue Nationale contre le Cancer and PHRC micromethods.
The PHRC has been proven by one study to be more efficient than other assessments of iron status, including CHr, TSAT, and serum ferritin (see Table 2) (Tessitore et al.
But, in the end, on June 28, 1999, the PHRC dismissed my complaint and declared the BSA a private organization not subject to Pennsylvania's anti-discrimination law.
Vitzthum said that during the hearings, the legislature has heard some "terror tales" regarding the PHRC.
Roque did not explain who authorized the PHRC secretariat to make the recommendation to the House of Representatives.
The study was conducted in Bhudni village, situated at distance of 30-32 KM from PHRC Research Centre, Khyber Medical College Peshawar.