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PHRD, clearly, is also committed to 'action' with respect to inclusive education, and it is this commitment that motivated their participation in this study.
The objective of this study is to identify broad themes in the views of students in Grade 3-6 in the PHRD relative to inclusive education in the district, and to examine demographic variables related to these themes.
The instrument was finalized after a rigorous evaluation for clarity, and relevance of terminology and concepts by Student Services staff and teachers in PHRD.
A total of 413 students completed the survey, representing approximately 33% of all students registered in PHRD (Grades 3 to Grade 6 inclusive) at the time of survey administration.
Overall, the news for the PHRD is good, with students responding in a positive manner to the SPIRC scale overall, and in very positive ways on some of the sub components.
These results reveal that grades 3-6 students in PHRD seem to be disconnected from the sort of local community family events asked about in this survey.
This success should be celebrated by PHRD because it is a crucial area for success in terms of inclusive education and learning generally (Loreman et al, 2008a).
It must be remembered, though, that although students with and without disabilities are generally positive about these issues (and other possible issues), this holds true only for the group of respondents to the survey when taken as a whole, and not necessarily for individual children in PHRD.
That being said, the four components that are retained on the SPIRC scale are helpful in trying to understand inclusion in PHRD from the student perspective.
As reported by student in Grades Three to Six on the 12-item SPIRC scale, the school environment in PHRD is generally conducive to promoting a sense of community and inclusion.
A study on gender is being financed under the PHRD grant.
IDA's support to the NSP is leveraged by the ongoing portfolio, including the Second Health Sector Support project, the Education Sector Development project, the Transport project and the Mining project, the approved PHRD Grant for this project (in the amount of US$452,400), the Poverty Reduction Strategy process, and the allocation of HIPC resources.