PHRIPopulation Health Research Institute (est. 1999; Canada)
PHRIPacific Health Research Institute (since 1960; Honolulu, Hawaii)
PHRIPort and Harbour Research Institute (Ministry of Transport; Japan)
PHRIPittsburgh Health Research Institute (Pennsylvania)
PHRIPintabian Horse Registry, Inc (Karlstad, Minnesota)
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The COMPLETE study, led by the PHRI and funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, involved 4,041 patients and is the first large, randomized, international trial to show a reduction in major outcomes with this approach.
Adalah, Al Mezan, Gisha and PHRI wrote in a statement: "Once again it comes to light that Israel is using patients in need of medical treatment, including cancer patients, as pawns for political gain.
By using the force classifier, the robot programming for pHRI was largely simplified.
PHRI has highlighted how women in Gaza with cancer have faced heightened obstacles to accessing medical care and consequently spent energy fighting bureaucracy rather than their illness.
In the end, moderation is key: "Moderation in most aspects of diet is preferred," compared to very low or very high intakes of most nutrients, said director of the PHRI, Salim Yusuf.
The time for a power and force limited robot to adapt its motion based on the operator's location and with minimal impact to production is optimized when the potential physical Human-Robot Interaction (pHRI) time is limited and infrequent.
Han, "Human-robot cooperative control based on pHRI (Physical Human-Robot Interaction) of exoskeleton robot for a human upper extremity," International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing, vol.
One is human robot interaction based on physical models (pHRI) [100].
Todo este cuerpo de evidencias generadas por nuestro grupo en Bucaramanga, por la red RECARDI en Colombia y por la red internacional coordinada por el PHRI, esta encontrando espacios de implementacion a traves de nuestra participacion en la Sociedad Latinoamericana de Hipertension y su programa 20X20 (109), en la Lancet Commission on Hypertension (110) y en los programas de control de la HTA y de Prevencion Cardiovascular Secundaria recomendados por la Organizacion Mundial de la Salud/ Organizacion Panamericana de la Salud (OMS/OPS) y la World Hearth Federation.
The Hasaki observation pier (Photo 1), the research facility of formerly the Port and Harbour Research Institute (PHRI) and now the Port and Airport Research Institute (PARI), is located at a sandy two-bar beach on the southern Ibaraki coast, 70 km east of Tokyo, facing the Pacific Ocean.
A Kruger; the PURE-SA research team; the field workers and office staff at the Africa Unit for Transdisciplinary Health Research (AUTHeR), North-West University, SA; Dr S Yusuf (PURE-International) and the PURE project staff at the Population Health Research Institute (PHRI), Hamilton Health Sciences and McMaster University, Canada.
TVIRD also said that funds received from the issuance of shares to PHRI were expected to be used for working capital and to advance various projects, including a planned direct shipping ore project in Agata.