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PHSAProvincial Health Services Authority (British Columbia)
PHSAPublic Health Service Act
PHSAPennsylvania Horse Shows Association
PHSAPearl Harbor Survivors Association
PHSAPrivate Home Sales Associates (Canada)
PHSAProvidence Health System Alaska
PHSAProvincial Health Services Academy (Pakistan)
PHSAParamount High School Academy (Lakewood, CA)
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The Draft Guidance states that FDCA Biological Products will not be eligible for exclusivity under the BPCIA (PHSA Section 351(k)(7))7 because the PHSA exclusivity provisions apply to approved licenses, not deemed licenses.
38) Under the HCT/P system Section 1271, the FDA classifies different types of human cells, tissues, and cellular and tissue-based products into categories for regulation based on the public health risks they pose: (1) products not subject to HCT/P regulations, (2) HCT/Ps regulated under Section 361 of the PHSA, and (3) products posing the most risk that are to be regulated stringently as a biological product or drug.
Muehleib said the PHSA has 31 members in the state as of September, but he added that many veterans did not join the organization which means there could be as many as 300 survivors in Massachusetts.
At the same time, the drug industry and medical community were in their formative years and saw the PHSA as protecting their interests.
Barinas BST Indefor- El Caimital FCFA Finca Merida PHSA Indefor- "La Corcovada" FCFA Finca Merida BSP Indefor- "Mococon" FCFA B.
The PHSA establishes uniform regulations on informed consent, 45 C.
The bill also amends the laws governing group and individual health insurance plans including the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 or ERISA (for group health insurance), the Public Health Service Act or PHSA (for individual insurance), Medicare Act (for Medicare supplemental insurance) and the Internal Revenue Code.
In 1991 when the relationship between United States and Japan cooled down due to economic friction, I tried to have a United States-Japanese veterans reconciliation-goodwill party inviting members of PHSA [Pearl Harbor Survivors Association] Atlanta to Hawaii.
The PHSA empowers the CDC to provide for inspection, fumigation, disinfection, sanitation, pest extermination, and destruction of infected or contaminated animals or goods.
The motto of the PHSA (founded in 1958) is Never Forget, Keep Alert.
And it is not clear whether the PHSA will pass the Senate.