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PHSEPersonal Health and Social Education
PHSEPhion Security Engineer (certification level Phion firewall products)
PHSEPiedmont Health Survey of the Elderly
PHSEPhysical Health & Social Education
PHSEPharma Service (Italian biopharma logistics company)
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a) Ca[(OCl).sub.2], [H.sub.2]O, C[H.sub.2][Cl.sub.2], C[O.sub.2], 80%; b) NaB[H.sub.4], MeOH, Ce[Cl.sub.3].7.[H.sub.2]O, 88%; c) MCPBA 60%, NaHC[O.sub.3] 0,5 mol x [L.sup.-1], C[H.sub.2][Cl.sub.2], 69%; d) C[H.sub.3]C[O.sub.2]K, DMF, 48%; e) NaH, DMF, BnCl, 86%; f) [(PhSe).sub.2], THF, NaOH 13%, DTU, n[Bu.sub.4]NBr, 45%; g) NaHC[O.sub.3], C[H.sub.3]C[O.sub.2]Na, [H.sub.2][O.sub.2] 30%, THF, 27%.
In the data collected for the PHSE, the original NORC questions were altered slightly to reflect an explicit reference to older people, e.g., the original item: "Doctors always treat their patients with respect" was changed to "Doctors always treat their patients my age with respect." This data was collected for Wave 2 (1990) only.
'State-funded academies do not have to follow the national curriculum for PHSE [personal, health and social education] and the local authority has no oversight as to how each school is delivering equitable public health outcomes.'
This organic compound of tellurium, diphenyl ditelluride or [(PhTe).sub.2], has been described to possess very contrasting and interesting biological activities [18-23], including antioxidant properties stronger than its selenium analog, the diphenyl diselenide or [(PhSe).sub.2] [23].
The series would be very useful to have for PHSE sessions in school and would certainly stimulate much open discussion in youth groups.
It's not just maths and English, we also have to fit in science, reading, guided reading, PE, history, geography, RE, PHSE, DT, ICT, art, music, assemblies, that's every week.
The SSAT award comes on the back of an inspection of the academy's personal, social, health and economic (PHSE) curriculum by Ofsted last month.
The road show will form part of the PHSE and Citizenship Programme.
Our schools volunteer and I are happy to visit schools to talk in assemblies or PHSE lesson time to the children about the difference their fundraising will make to the families.
(2010) Review of Personal, Social, Health and Economics (PHSE) Education.