PHSIPending Home Sales Index (National Association of Realtors)
PHSIPublic Health Sciences Institute (Morehouse College; Atlanta, GA)
PHSIPayload Header Suppression Index (telecommunications)
PHSIProgram for Health Systems Improvement (Harvard University; Boston, MA)
PHSIPersatuan Hoki Seluruh Indonesia (Indonesian hockey association)
PHSIPresbyterian Historical Society of Ireland
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Importers of forest and farming machinery who need any further information or guidance can contact the APHA PHSI (Plant Health and Seed Inspectorate) helpline on 01904 405138.
PHF's business model is to grow both through donations, and where appropriate, through acquisitions using management's proven track record of financial turnaround of underperforming hospitals and leveraging the potential of economies of scale based on the relationship with PHSI. The organization has both the potential and the ability to drive efficiency by centralizing many business functions, such a collections, group purchasing and IT and is able to leverage the PHSI management expertise.
Headquartered in Lincolnshire, Illinois, PHSI is a leading provider of filtered water coolers and related services through two sales channels.
PHSI is a provider of filtered water coolers and related services through two sales channels.
After three decades in this trade, my practical skills have given me a strong understanding of what makes a design or staging business tick," Denise announced to PHSi. "I am proud to be included with an esteemed group of hard working, entrepreneurial leaders." Jennie Norris, Chairwoman of IAHSP said, "The Best of Industry Leadership submittals shared where and how an individual Is making a difference as a leader in the industry, helping to grow the industry, mentor others, and giving of their time and energy to promote the staging industry in a positive way."
On a regional basis, the PHSI fell by 2.9 percent in the Northeast to reach 83.8, which was 3.2 percent below its level in June 2013.
From these measurements the plant height stress tolerance index (PHSI), root length stress tolerance index (RLSI), dry matter stress tolerance index (DMSI) and relative water content tolerance index (RWCSI) were calculated as under:
As soon as the three accused -- bus driver Ram Singh, fruit seller Pawan Gupta and gym helper Vinay Sharma -- were produced in the court, protesters began shouting slogans such as " Inki jn le lo, inko beech sadak pe pathharon se mro ya in darindo ko phsi pe latka do Kill them, hit them with stones or hang them)".
The Pending Home Sales Index (PHSI), which is a leading indicator for home sales, rose to 110.9 in April, up 22.4 percent from 90.6 in April 2009.
We would like to thank the Indiana State DHS and former Director Eric Dietz, the Purdue Homeland Security Institute (PHSI) and former Managing Director Tim Collins, and the SEAS Laboratory and its staff, particularly Tejas Bhatt and Chih-Hui Hsieh, for their extensive assistance with collection, preparation, and analysis of the simulation data from the Measured Response exercises.
In addition to a demographic form, three self-report instruments were used: the Preferred Helping Styles Inventory (PHSI; Ivey, 1993), the Theoretical Orientation Profile Scale-Revised (TOPS-R; Worthington & Dillon, 2003), and the Intervention Strategies Questionnaire (ISQ; Barrio, 2006; Barrio Minton & Myers, 2007).
Anyone who sees one of these distinctive beetles is asked to catch it in a container, seal it and contact their local Plant Health and Seeds Inspector (PHSI) by calling (01904) 455 174.