PHSPPrivate Health Services Plan
PHSPPrepaid Health Services Plan
PHSPPre-Harvest Silviculture Prescription (Ministry of Forests; Canada)
PHSPPost High School Program (Washington School for the Deaf; Vancouver, WA)
PHSPPublic Health Service Provider
PHSPPreferred Health Service Provider
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scheduling WPP and PHSP cooperation and uncoordinated operation in energy and ancillary services market.
Based on the above analysis, scholars at home and foreign countries have already carried out deep researches on the optimization scheduling of WPP, PV, and PHSP. Some literatures have already discussed the complementary effect of different clean energy, especially, WPP, PV, and PHSP.
The remainder of this paper is organized as follows: Section 2 proposes basic results of the hybrid energy system and power output power model including WPP, PV, and PHSP. In Section 3, a scheduling optimization model for multienergy hybrid system is constructed with the objective functions of the maximum system economic operation and the minimum output fluctuations with constraint conditions of supply and demand balance, unit power generation, pumped storage power station operation, and system spins reserve.
In this paper, wind power plant (WPP), photovoltaic generator (PV), cell-gas turbine (CGT), and pumped storage power station (PHSP) are integrated into a multienergy complementary system.
In the proposed multienergy hybrid system, power supplies mainly include WPP, PV, PHSP, and CGT units.
What amount does CRA consider to be "nominal" for purposes of a PHSP?
The New York State Coalition of Prepaid Health Services Plans (PHSPs), a coalition of health plans sponsored by safety net hospitals and community health centers, has been awarded a $100,000 grant from the Center for Health Care Strategies (CHCS) to develop a welfare-to-work demonstration program to assist enrollees in retaining their eligibility for Medicaid.
Savings were documented for the partial capitation programs over either the HMO model or the PHSP model (P[less than].05 and P[less than].10, respectively).
Partial capitation PCMPs Erie PCMP II 20,610 85.17 132.57 Erie PCMP III 14,827 97.40 178.34 Full capitation HMOs Metropolitan 46,520 227.91 237.04 HIP Corp 358,024 122.93 142.11 Mid Hudson-Ulster 16,966 88.72 69.15 Wellcare/Orange 16,262 99.14 81.00 Sanus/Suffolk 40,777 114.44 105.36 PHSPs Bronx PHSP 131,871 127.91 149.67 Health care plan plus 12,697 85.92 80.58 Westchester PHSP 24,101 100.94 119.58 Manhattan PHSP 43,619 167.14 221.11
Partial capitation PCMPs Erie PCMP II 47.40 Erie PCMP III 80.94 Full capitation HMOs Metropolitan 9.13 HIP Corp 19.18 Mid Hudson-Ulster 19.57(1) Wellcare/Orange 13.19(1) Sanus/Suffolk 9.08(1) PHSPs Bronx PHSP 21.76 Health care plan plus 5.36(1) Westchester PHSP 18.64 Manhattan PHSP 53.97
PMPM denotes per-member per-month; PCMP, physician case management program; HMO, health maintenance organization; PHSP, prepaid health service plan; NYS, New York State.
See supra note 36 and accompanying text (regarding the creation of PHSPs).