PHTSPTEN Hamartoma Tumor Syndrome
PHTSPediatric Heart Transplant Study (database)
PHTSPlaywrights Horizons Theater School
PHTSProcess Heat Transfer Society (Houston, TX)
PHTSPrimary Heat Transport Substation/System
PHTSPhysical-Technical High School (St. Petersburg, Russia physics magnet school)
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PHTS is an autosomal dominant inherited disease resulting from a germline mutation in the PTEN gene.
At the end of the discharge phase from the primary circuits, taking also into account other heat sources as the decay heat, the pressure in all the interconnected volumes (PHTS, VV, and VVPSS) must be lower than a required value.
We describe a sporadic case of possible PHTS associated with cutaneous vasculitis from early in life.
In this paper, to present high-dimensional elements, d parallel BFs (PBFs) and parallel hash tables (PHTs) are proposed to represent the elements with d dimensions.
A careful family history, a physical exam that includes a thorough dermatologic and ophthalmologic evaluation, and thyroid studies are of utmost importance given the potential association of multiple neuromas with MEN2B and PHTS. Long-term follow-up is warranted in these patients as the potential for developing a malignancy associated with these syndromes later in life remains.
[3] [4][21] [23] showed that a repeating pattern of length one (i.e., "1111...1" or "0000...0") was detected for approximately 50% of the branches, indicating that a significant amount of branch inference may occur if the PHTs are updated for these branches.
Cowden's syndrome is considered part of PTEN hemartomas tumor syndrome (PHTS) which also includes Bannyan--Riley --Ruval caba syndrome, proteus syndrome, and proteus--like syndrome.
Lilienfeld (2007) has convincingly argued that a necessary but largely missing variable to be studied in the field of evidence-based outcomes research is the problem of potentially harmful treatments (PHTs) and has published a list of empirically based PHTs.
0708-034AA The Perils of Nursing PHTS 1.5 Documentation 0708-035AA Breast Care: The Front Line EduCare 29.3 Challenge of Patient Navigation 0708-036AA South Atlantic Society of South Atlantic 12.75 Electrophysiology for Allied Society of Professionals Thirteenth Annual Electrophysiology Workshop for Allied Professionals 0708-038AA Pharmacology Fundamentals for Motivations Inc 7 Allied Health Professionals 0708-039AA 2007 Annual Conference Southeast Region 32.5 Southeast Region Wound, Ostomy, Wound, Ostomy, and and Continence Nurses Continence Nurses 0708-040AA Dementia Communication Dorn VAMC 2 Workshop; Don't Forget That Laughter, Words & Actions Are All Important!
Lilienfeld identified two types of potentially harmful therapies (PHTs): those that probably produce harm in some individuals (Level I) and those that have potential to produce harm in some individuals (Level II).