PHUKPhreak/Hack, United Kingdom (sometimes as P-H-UK and P/H-UK)
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The first area is adjacent to Ban Huai Phuk, 4.5 kilometers in the west of the iron mine.
As illustrated in the prediction map, in Figure 8(a), Ban Tio Noi, Ban Nam Huai, and northeast area of Ban Huai Phuk are in the areas of high arsenic content.
Regardless of iron mine zone which can play major role as an anthropogenic source, the other three zones cover three villages including Ban Huai Phuk, Ban Nam Huai, Ban Tio Noi.
Nick Ut's jarring photograph Vietnam Napalm (1972) depicts a child, Kim Phuk, fleeing American bombs.
Among the 50 participants representing Vietnam was Vo Hong Phuk, deputy minister for planning and investment.