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Ho hum, Ten Phun, get back to us when you have something to write about.
4, Udom Bunyanuson, Pavat Ban Talat [History of Talat Village] (in Thai) (Chatturat, Chaiyaphum: Self-published, 2010 [BE 2553]); Anonymous, Phun wiang samai Chao Anou [Phun wiang in the time of Chao Anou] (in Lao) (Vientiane: Lao Language and Literature Section, Faculty of Linguistics, National University of Laos, 2004), p.
Yeon Bok Kim, Aye Aye Thwe, YeJi Kim, Xiaohua Li, Jin Woong Cho, Phun Bum Park, Mariadhas Valan Arasu, Naif Abdullah Al-Dhabi, Sun-Ju Kim, and Tastsuro Suzuki wrote the paper, performed the experiment, and analyzed the data.
The performance of the proposed algorithm is compared with conventional minimum [L.sup.p]-norm algorithm [12] and other two widely used 2D algorithms, PUMA [16] and PHUN [10].
Farren founded the British wing of the White Panthers, a radical anti-racist group, and helped create Phun City, an alternative rock festival organized in 1970 and held near Worthing, England, as a kind of protest against the commercialization of rock, exemplified by the annual Isle of Wight Festival.
These intermediate steps are necessary in order to arrive at what tradition reckons to be "flawless and perfect bhiksuni vows" (dge slong ma'i sdom pa nyes med phun sum tshogs pa).
In addition, Howard Zakheim, engineering fellow for Dupont, and Richard Phun, staff engineer for Dupont, discussed automotive coatings trends, while Dan Scheffer, director R&D at Vorbeck Materials, a graphene ink innovator, gave a talk on conductive inks.
A phun bynnag, doedd dim ond rhaid i mi gau zip fy jAns, ac roedd hanner y paent ar hanner fy ewinedd wedi dod i ffwrdd, felly roedd yn rhaid gwneud y cwbl eto, a sori, ond mae bywyd yn rhy fyr i'w dreulio yn chwythu ar ewinedd.
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