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PHVProsthetic Heart Valve (cardiology)
PHVPharmacovigilance (medical side effects)
PHVProtocol Handler for Voice
PHVPlug-in Hybrid Vehicle
PHVPublic Health Veterinarian
PHVPrivate Hire Vehicle
PHVPro Hac Vice (Latin: for one occasion; an exception made to a lawyer working out of jurisdiction)
PHVPeptide Histidine Valine
PHVPeak Height Velocity
PHVPermanent Humanitarian Visa (various locations)
PHVPatrick Henry Village (US Army; Germany)
PHVPeak Hour Volume (traffic & transportation engineering)
PHVParalyzed Hoosier Veterans (Indiana)
PHVProtocol Handler (CDMA voice)
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Black cabs do not 'peak' meaning that they can be cheaper when PHVs are in high demand.
Differences between groups were observed regarding somatic maturity status (p < 0.001), in which adolescents classified as active in both childhood and adolescence presented with later (late) age at PHV. Figure 1 presents the prevalence of physical activity patterns according to sex, socioeconomic status, birth weight, biological maturity status and physical activity of parents.
Peak height velocity (PHV) was determined using the equation proposed by Mirwald et al.
The JTA proposal has come out of the blue, having not featured in the Government's public consultations on reforms to buses, taxis and private hire vehicles (PHVs).
Initial PHA content of the sludge sources Parameters PHB content (mgPHA/gVSS) Municipal Wastewater 78.3 [+ or -] 1.14 Husbandry Industry Wastewater 55.2 [+ or -] 0.65 Fermentation Industry Wastewater 42.2 [+ or -] 1.62 Parameters PHV (mgPHA/gVSS) PHA (mgPHA/gVSS) Municipal Wastewater -- 78.3 [+ or -] 1.14 Husbandry Industry Wastewater 1.24 [+ or -] 0.23 56.5 [+ or -] 2.68 Fermentation Industry Wastewater -- 42.2 [+ or -] 1.62 Parameters PHB:PHV (wt %) Municipal Wastewater 100 : 0 Husbandry Industry Wastewater 97.8 : 2.2 Fermentation Industry Wastewater 100 : 0 Please Note: Illustration(s) are not available due to copyright restrictions.
The ride-hailing app will allow customers the option of Private Hire Vehicles (PHVs) and Taxis on one user-friendly platform, which will include additional transportation options in the future to provide passengers with greater choice.
A tweet from the unit's account read: "Remember the PHV driver from the other night who was arrested and assaulted our Detention Officer ...
The final models that best fit the data are shown in Table 3 where V is the hourly traffic volume (vehicles per hour) and PHV is the proportion of heavy vehicles.
We identified an Abscisic acid (ABA) inducible protein PHV A1 gene and auxin response factor 12 and 25 genes highly expressed in stem tips.
Design and development continues at in-the-news Japanese automotive OEM Toyota, which has adopted an interior part using honeycomb material for its new hybrid model Prius PHV launched earlier this year.
Meanwhile the LGA says taxi and private hire legislation, some of which dates back to 1847 and horse-drawn hackney carriages - needs strengthening to improve passenger safety in light of the proliferation of app-based taxi and private hire vehicle (PHV) companies and increased cross-border hiring.