PHWAProfessional Hockey Writers' Association
PHWAPsychologically Healthy Workplace Award (American Psychological Association)
PHWAProfessional Hmong Women Association (Saint Paul, MN)
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While addressing a press conference here at the National Press Club (NPC), Chairman PHWA Rana Ali Zaigham and other members said the government should address their concerns and include their recommendations and suggestions over hajj policy 2018.
The PHWA project recognizes companies that have already embraced these challenges and found innovative ways to create healthy work environments, ultimately benefiting both employers and their employees.
"By collaborating with the American Psychological Association to sponsor these awards, we aim to raise business' awareness about the importance of their human capital, the relation of people to outstanding organizational performance, and the factors contributing to creating healthy workplaces," added Perrott, who, along with Mike Blanchard, co-chairs the state PHWA Committee.
This recognition dates back to 2001, when Anderson and Associates, located in Blacksburg, was Virginia's first recipient of the PHWA. The MITRE Corporation, based in McLean, Va., won the most recent award.
Groundwater desalter: To provide Oxnard and PHWA customers with water that is comparable to their existing water quality, the program will include a groundwater desalination facility to reduce total dissolved solids.
Potable drinking water: After groundwater is treated in the desalter, it will be placed in the potable drinking water system and used by Oxnard and PHWA customers.
But when part of the group could not reconcile key areas in state and federal law, COPH and CIBCSD formed the Port Hueneme Water Agency (PHWA), and the naval bases became customers.
"A point of consensus among the participants was that PHWA should balance use of the higher water quality provided by the State Water Project with the water supply reliability provided by local groundwater," says Velthoen.
Because desalination of brackish water sources is a relatively new approach in southern California, water agencies like PHWA are faced with a variety of desalination technologies that have no demonstrated record of performance and cost-effectiveness.
PHWA decided to construct the Brackish Water Reclamation Demonstration Facility (BWRDF), an innovative desalination facility that will use three different desalination technologies: reverse osmosis (RO), nanofiltration (NF), and electrodialysis reversal (EDR).
In preparing the bidding documents, PHWA sought a balance between long-term performance characteristics and low cost.
By leasing its state water entitlement to MWD, PHWA reduced the capital cost by $6.6 million.