PHWRPressurized Heavy Water (nuclear) Reactor
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There is a very big heat sink available in PHWRs and secondly, unlike the BWR, the PHWR is also cooled by naturally occurring siphon mechanism.
However, MOX fuel can also be used in PHWRs using a full core load.
5 %) can be used directly in PHWRs, without adjustment of the enrichment.
These efficient plants are a mixture of PWR, BWR, PHWR and AGR plant.
BWR = boiling water reactor, PWR = pressurised water reactor, PHWR = pressurised hot water reactor, AGR = advanced gas cooled reactor, Magnox = Magnox reactor, Mag/AGR = Magnox and AGR reactors on the same site.
Future indigenous PHWR reactors will be 700 MW gross (640 MW net).
The two small Canadian (Candu) PHWRs at Rajasthan nuclear power plant started up in 1972 and 1980, and are also under safeguards.
The ten reactors will be part of Indias latest design of 700 MW PHWR fleet with state-of-art technology meeting the highest standards of safety.
There are 11 remaining reactors operating not under safeguards and five PHWRs under construction.