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PHYS EDPhysical Education
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"At Rye Neck, we went from a scenario of severely limited participation of students in phys ed electives to where the superintendent was so impressed with the level of student participation that he said, 'I don't believe what I'm seeing.'"
Kids who have previously flunked phys ed also can enroll in the online course to fill a needed graduation requirement while still taking a full load at school.
Born George Fisher in New York, he studied at the Music and Arts High School and and studied phys ed in college before dropping out to appear on stage in "Porgy and Bess." He made his film debut in "Carmen Jones" in 1954 and then appeared in the film version of "Porgy and Bess" before being cast in the memorable role of Tom Robinson in 1962's groundbreaking "Mockingbird."
There is "clearly a cost" to such an intensive equipment and staff intervention, but modifying schools' phys ed curricula should also be part of the approach to childhood obesity, he said.
Art educators have to manage more physical supplies than the phys ed teacher, the music teacher, and the science teacher combined.
In the obesity column, Rothstein is defending mandatory phys ed, which he worries could be sacrificed to increased academic demands.
That needn't mean the "same old" phys ed too many of us remember -- regimented calisthenics or laps around a track.
The Cooper Clinic in Texas uses pedometers in its wellness programs, and elementary-school phys ed teachers are providing them to students to increase their motivation to exercise.
Phys ed teacher Bailey has put together more than 170 different games and activities for the playground, including sports, traditional games, games for large or small groups, and rainy-day activities.
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Phys Ed teachers were given a sport to coach and I could choose from baseball, soccer, basketball, and gymnastics.