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PHZPaedagogische Hochschule Zentralschweiz (German: Pedagogical University of Central Switzerland; Lucerne, Switzerland)
PHZPetahertz (10^15 Hertz)
PHZPeople in the Hazard Zone (natural disaster management)
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Results of each antibiotic PHZ, PCA and PYO was analysed and quantified as ug/mL.
The antagonistic effects of PHZ, PCA and PYO against G.
PHZ za cast 4 (Komunlne vozidlo ako nosic komunlnych nadstavieb) = 76 371,67 EUR bez DPH.
PHZ za cast 2 (Kontajnerov nosic + Kontajner) = 44 202,58 EUR bez DPH.
PHZ za cast 3 (mykom riaden nakladac) = 42 012,33 EUR bez DPH.