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PHZPaedagogische Hochschule Zentralschweiz (German: Pedagogical University of Central Switzerland; Lucerne, Switzerland)
PHZPetahertz (10^15 Hertz)
PHZPeople in the Hazard Zone (natural disaster management)
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Administration of PHZ for 2 days caused a significant decrease (P < 0.05) Hb rate in rats of anemic control, standard, test Group I, and test Group II [Table 1].
We determined the oxidative effect of HBD degradation in HeLa shN and HeLa shR cells following phenylhydrazine (PHZ) stimulation and overexpression of HBD.
Therefore, the aim of this work was to develop a feasible, accurate, and precise first derivative spectrophotometric method for the simultaneous determination and stability studies of DD and PHZ in bulk and pharmaceutical dosage forms.
To extract PHZ, PYO and PCA the bacterium was grown on King's B broth (KMB) at 30C on an incubator shaker at 150 rpm for 2 days.
aeruginosa that carry both genes phz M and phzS were subjected to sequencing in this study.
Separate experiments were also performed in 5 mM [H.sub.2][O.sub.2] or 1 mM phenylhydrazine (PHZ).
Isleworth, United Kingdom, July 18, 2014 --( The new IP65 PHZ 6-500 compression latch from FDB Panel Fittings was developed to minimise attack points for prying tools - so is considered vandalism safe - while integrating seamlessly into virtually any enclosure design.
1.11683 0.89583 1.82307 [infinity]] [[omega].sub.D] 13.1839 13.8737 13.3846 (rad x PHz) [gamma] (rad x PHz) 0.109173 0.0207332 0.163439 [A.sub.1] 3.04155 1.3735 2.57278 [[phi].sub.1] (rad) -1.09115 -0.504659 -1.56922 x [10.sup.-8] [[OMEGA].sub.1] 4.20737 7.59914 6.65296 (rad x PHz) [[GAMMA].sub.1] 2.35409 4.28431 3.80643 (rad x PHz) [A.sub.2] 0.273221 0.304478 0.638294 [[phi].sub.2] (rad) -1.18299 -1.48944 -1.22019 [[OMEGA].sub.2] 3.88123 6.15009 3.39199 (rad x PHz) [[GAMMA].sub.2] 0.452005 0.659262 0.472389 (rad x PHz) [PHI] 3.6308 1.06454 6.07769
There are definite features in MMs: (i) MMs cover a wide range from acoustic frequencies (kHz) [5-7] to optical frequencies (PHz) [3,4]; (ii) Most of MMs are composed of metallic artificial structures; (iii) MMs have subwavelength unit cells.