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PHeLPublic Health Electronic Library (UK)
PHeLPublic Health Emergency Law (US CDC)
PHeLPublic Health and Environmental Laboratories (New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services)
PHeLPhysiological Heat Exposure Limit
PHeLPotentially Highly Erodible Land (agriculture)
PHeLPublic Health Entomology Laboratory (Ball State University; Muncie, IN)
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7g, ring B and ring C of miltirone interacted with Phel 20, a key amino acid residue of CYP2D6 for ligand binding (McLaughlin et al.
Under normal operations, routine watches in engineering spaces are expected to be 4 hours at a PHEL III or lower.
Mkhas dbang dhi:tsa a lags dge 'dun chos phel dang mjal skabs kyi gleng mo, Dharamshala, LTWA, 2004, pp.9 and 211
CDC's Public Health Law Program and CDC's Coordinating Office for Terrorism Preparedness and Emergency Response announce the availability of a new course, "Public Health Emergency Law" (PHEL).
In the catalogue to his Bstan 'gyur, Bu ston tells us that in mid-1334 the secular ruler of the Zhwa lu region, the nobleman Sku zhang Kun dga' don grub, (16) funded the project, and "invited the most learned scribes in the regions of central and midwestern Tibet." Three kalyanamitras, Sakya seng ge, Dar ma byang chub, and Gzhon nu 'phel, came to Zhwa lu to oversee the endeavor.
The first of these emphasizes the importance of preserving the Tibetan language and consists of quotes from eminent Buddhist masters, such as Gendun Chophel (Dge 'dun chos 'phel), the Tenth Panchen Lama (Pan chen bla ma), and Khenpo Jigme Phuntsok himself among others.
Molecular docking study confirmed that dihydrotanshinone and tanshinone I interacted with the Phel 20 amino acid residue in the active cavity of CYP2D6 through Pi-Pi interaction, but did not interact with Glu216 and Asp301, the key residues for substrate binding.
For nearly forty years, Lonidier has taught at the University of California, San Diego--the same school where he studied in the 1960s and early '70s and met the artists alongside whom he worked to critically revise photography from a documentary into a socially engaged practice: Phel (then Phil) Steinmetz, Martha Rosier, and Allan Sekula.
'gyur/ bstan 'gyur/ sa skya gong ma lnga/ ngor chen rdo rje 'chang sogs kyi bka' 'bum gser dul (5) sha stag (6) gis (7) bzhengs/ brag dkar theg chen gling bzhengs/ dge 'dun gyi sde btsugs/ nyams pa sor chud/ ma nyams pa gong 'phel gyi bdag rkyen bskyang/ rgyal srid chos srid kyi mdzad pa bla na ma mchis pas (8) mtha' bzhi'i khrims dar (9) / skad rigs mi gcig pa mang po la dbang bsgyur bas/ chos rgyal 'di yi gdung la a ham dang/ phyag rtags la a tham ste nyi 'og kun to khyab pa byung' (10) /
Sankrtyayana and Dge 'dun chos 'phel (1903-52) discovered in the 1930s among the immense holdings of Sa skya monastery's Lha khang chen mo.
(8) mi 'jigs pa'i skyabs sbyin dang/bzod pa'i rten brel las sku tshe 'phel phyir/