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PHZPaedagogische Hochschule Zentralschweiz (German: Pedagogical University of Central Switzerland; Lucerne, Switzerland)
PHzPetahertz (10^15 Hertz)
PHZPeople in the Hazard Zone (natural disaster management)
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Results of each antibiotic PHZ, PCA and PYO was analysed and quantified as ug/mL.
The antagonistic effects of PHZ, PCA and PYO against G.
As previously announced, the total amount of cash, and the tax effects that the liquidation of Harris & Harris Group's interest in PHZ will generate, will be determined definitively upon the closing of PHZ's books for the year 2002 and the completion of Harris & Harris Group's annual audit for the year 2002.
Prior to today's payment of $5,700,000, PHZ had paid out to Harris & Harris Group a total of $2,045,680 in partnership cash distributions.
PHZ za cast 4 (Komunlne vozidlo ako nosic komunlnych nadstavieb) = 76 371,67 EUR bez DPH.
Harris & Harris Group has historically valued its interest in PHZ at its capital account book value.
invested $720,000 as the seed investor in PHZ in 1995.
PHZ za cast 2 (Kontajnerov nosic + Kontajner) = 44 202,58 EUR bez DPH.
PHZ za cast 3 (mykom riaden nakladac) = 42 012,33 EUR bez DPH.
PHZ is a non-registered investment advisor utilizing proprietary algorithms to manage third-party assets through private limited partnerships investing primarily in global financial futures, long/short equities and interbank FX.
NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 28, 1996--PHZ Capital Partners Limited Partnership, a Delaware limited partnership, announced today that it has received an equity investment of $1 million from Commodities Corporation (USA) that PHZ will use to expand its trading systems.
9 percent ownership interest in PHZ Capital Partners Limited Partnership, a Delaware limited partnership.