PI-3Parainfluenza Virus Type 3
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The crystal phase was also observed in PI-3, PI-5, PI-6, and PI-7, and PI-4, similar to PI-2, was amorphous.
In comparison, the unfluorinated polyimides (PI-1 and PI-3) showed melt viscosities of 67-97 Pa s at 290[degrees]C, and reached to the minimum values (0.9-0.8 Pa s) at 310-317[degrees]C.
Samples Dianhydride Diamine mixture PI-1 BPDA 1,3,4-APB(75), 3,4'-ODA(25) PI-2 6FDA 1,3,4-APB(75), 3,4'-ODA(25) PI-3 ODPA 1,3,4-APB(75), 3,4'-ODA(25) PI-4 9FDA 1,3,4-APB(75), 3,4'-ODA(25) PI-5 BPDA 1,3,4-APB(50), 3,4'-ODA(50) PI-6 BPDA 1,3,4-APB PI-7 BPDA 1,3,4-APB(75), 3,4'-ODA(25) Samples Calculated [M.sub.n] (g/mol) Yield (%) PI-1 1,150 95 PI-2 1,150 96 PI-3 1,150 95 PI-4 1,150 94 PI-5 1,150 94 PI-6 1,150 96 PI-7 1,650 95 TABLE 2.