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PI2Proteinase Inhibitor II (weight loss supplement)
PI2ParaInfluenza Virus Type 2
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Factor loading and average variance extracted Latent variables Item Factor AVE * loading Parents socioeconomic status (SE) 0.781 se1 0.923 se2 0.841 Parent Involvement (PI) 0.593 pi1 0.750 pi2 0.735 pi3 0.778 pi4 0.812 Digital Access (DA) 0.606 da1 -0.212 da2 0.808 da3 0.647 da4 0.460 Digital Safety (DS) 0.649 ds1 0.216 ds2 0.901 ds3 0.384 ds4 0.682 Digital Etiquette (DE) 0.617 de1 0.001 de2 0.343 de3 0.855 de4 0.689 Note.
There was a counting error in the cycles, such that the generation formed by PI2, PI3, and P14, lasted a total of 21 cycles rather than 20.
PI2 controller based coordinated control with Redox Flow Battery and Unified Power Flow Controller for improved Restoration Indices in a deregulated power system.
Los hallazgos se dividen en las seis subsecciones: PI1, PI2, PI3, PI4, PI5 y resultados adicionales.
I chose the Raspberry Pi2 kit for this purpose and installed Software Bisque's TheSkyX imaging suite on the Raspberry Pi2 myself.
Additionally, the coordinate of the corresponding [P.best] is [P.sub.i] = [([P.sub.i1], Pi2, ..., [P.sub.iD]).sup.T], and [G.sub.best] is [P.sub.g] = [([P.sub.g1], [P.sub.g2], ..., [P.sub.gD]).sup.T] Similarly to the genetic algorithm, the PSO algorithm would find the optimal solution in the design space through a series of iterations.
Also, in our previous work, the status of oxidative stress in FDrats and the protective effects of WKN were revealed by the alterations of superoxide dismutase 2 (SOD2) and glutathione S-transferase pi2 (GSTP2) with the use of proteomic method [13].