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PI7Prevention Indicator 7
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From Figure 5(b), the battery current reference, [d.sub.bat,ref], for charge/discharge operation of buck-boost converter is provided by PI7 in which the DC bus voltage is regulated using the compensator as follows:
The pi7 in the right hand expands (or complements) the pi5 that defined the basic signal; the fifth's lower boundary is [B.sub.3] (a projection pi6 down from the lower boundary of the basic signal).
Among the five participants who were exposed only to the Adjective condition, two (PI7 and P21) were successful on Probe A for the two novel relations (foba and piva), and two were successful on the probes for one of the two relations (P18 and P19).
However, in Cycle 291, participant PI7 of L2 asked to leave the experiment, and the experiment was then terminated.
But Harrington, who is waiting to get his hands on Wilson's new Pi7s due out next year, loves his stop-gap clubs.