PIAAPennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association
PIAAPhysician Insurers Association of America
PIAAPrinting Industries Association of Australia
PIAAProperty Investors Association of Australia
PIAAProperty Investment Association of Australia
PIAAPet Industry Association of Australia Ltd.
PIAAPersonal Injury Auto Accident
PIAAPrivate Investigator's Association of Arkansas, Inc.
PIAAPublic Involvement and Aboriginal Affairs (Canada)
PIAAPush It All Aside (Alisha's Attic song)
PIAAProfessional Insurance Agents of Arkansas, Inc.
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To deliver on the promise of providing Quality equipment's at affordable rates, AIR 90 is partnering up with world leaders like ARB, Oldman EMU, PIAA, IPF, Fox, RIVAL, Vision X, Red Winches, KC Hi-Lites, Stop Tech, DBA, Redline Lubricants, and VIAIR.
Speaking as the Insurance Goddess at Ohio PIAA Agency Management Conference and Aartrijk Brand Camp
The London reinsurer urged PIAA to be a catalyst in developing closer working relationships with hospitals on risk management activities.
The fact that physicians and hospital managers are members of boards of PIAA affiliates is important, Atchinson said, " because these people are focused on patient safety and delivering healthcare, not on the bottom line.
PIAA member companies in the United States "include large national insurance companies, mid-size regional writers, single-state insurers, and specialty companies that serve specific health care-provider niche markets.
He said: "A big thank you must go to Quadro Services, Car User, Plantool Hire Centre, CMC Motorsport, PIAA and Robert Knight, my parents and my three co-drivers, Rich Mills, Paula Swinscoe (Rallytech) and Martin Dee - it's been a real team effort.
Capt Haroon Aijaz said that PIAA is working on many more packages while this was the one signed today.
According to Progressive, PIAA members of more than 250 insurance agencies around the state were asked to vote for the claim person they thought was the best at responding to customers' needs, making the claim process easy.
The Western Australian branch of the PIAA, in conjunction with the Western Australian Department of Environment, has established the Green Stamp Program, which provides information on how printers can improve their environmental credentials and reduce their waste--from basic compliance to more advanced measures.
In 1997, a PIAA review found that the most common of these by far was failure by the radiologist to directly contact the referring physician about urgent or significant unexpected findings.
The survey reported in this article was conducted by the author on behalf of the PIAA to assist the Association better understand and meet the needs of its members.
He noted the report "specifically criticizes as unreliable the two data sources relied on by the doctors, PIAA and Jury Verdict Research," and added it "supports the case that the doctors, in effect, blackmailed the legislatures and governors in Nevada, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.