PIANCPermanent International Association of Navigation Congresses
PIANCProfessional Insurance Agents of North Carolina (Henderson, NC)
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[30] PIANC, Seismic Desing Guidelines for Port Structures, A.A.
Overall damage Severe TABLE 5: Damage criteria for cranes according to PIANC [30].
Also, technical limitations of the target ports in comparison with Jebel Ali port have been considered, for example, waterway depth limitation with respect to OCDI (2009) and PIANC (2014) [14, 15].
[21] PIANC, "Master plans for the development of existing ports", Report 158, 2014.
"PIANC is highly active in sea and marine structures and we are innovative and we hope to continue cooperation and relations with Iran in different fields since Iran is a big power," Caude said, addressing the 12th International Forum on Coasts, Ports and Marine Structures in Tehran on Monday.
ETPL had earlier conducted a thorough site specific QRA in line with SIGTTO and PIANC guidelines wherein the QRA assessed three of the proposed sites of ETPL.
A registered professional engineer in Mississippi, he is a member of the World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure (PIANC) and currently serves as president of the Mississippi professional chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers.
To calculate and evaluate the width of navigational channels, certain standards and recommendations such as BS--British Standard: BS 6349-1:2000; BS 6349-4:2000, PIANC--Permanent International Association of Navigational Conferences: PIANC 1997, etc.
[1.] Guidelines for the Design of Fender Systems: 2002, PIANC.
The 125th anniversary Congress of PIANC - the World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure - took place at Liverpool's BT Convention Centre.
Bechtel, the global engineering, project management, and construction company, announced today that five of the company s leading authorities on port infrastructure will share their views and research findings at the 33rd PIANC World Congress.
Sarah Hall has joined the exhibition team as an event and project assistant, and will work on next month's International Navigation Association (PIANC) conference in Liverpool.