PIANCPermanent International Association of Navigation Congresses
PIANCProfessional Insurance Agents of North Carolina (Henderson, NC)
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Considering PIANC or other recommendations for similar conditions (PIANC 1997; Recommendations of the Committee.
In accordance with the new PIANC recommendations, a channel's width recommended for vessels carrying dangerous cargoes, including LNGC, crude oil or light oil product tankers should be around 3.
A comparison of the received results of the calculated channel width and data on the experiments of simulated and real ships with PIANC recommendations (PIANC 1997) has shown that the channel width received using PIANC recommendations, in case of an exact evaluation of all components and conditions, is very close to that discussed in this article.
Guidelines for the Design of Fender Systems: 2002, PIANC.
Criteria for Movements of Moored Vessels in Harbours, PIANC, 1995.
Safety of high free-board ships in ports, PIANC MMX Congress Liverpool UK, 14 p.
The 125th anniversary Congress of PIANC - the World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure - took place at Liverpool's BT Convention Centre.
Mills Media had been working with PIANC to plan the event for more than four years.
Bechtel, the global engineering, project management, and construction company, announced today that five of the company s leading authorities on port infrastructure will share their views and research findings at the 33rd PIANC World Congress.