PIARCPermanent International Association of Road Congresses
PIARCPhillip Island Auto Racing Club (Australia)
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Hosted by the DoT and PIARC, the World Road Congress Abu Dhabi 2019 will be held under the theme of 'Connecting Cultures, Enabling Economies'.
That is why, every four years, we hold the PIARC World Road Congress bringing together thousands of the world's foremost experts in road infrastructure, transport and technology.
The conference which is slated to be held from Oct 29 to 31 with the theme 'Global Approaches to Advance Road Asset Management', is a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Works, Road Engineering Malaysia (REAM) and PIARC.
Kerali, Highway Development and Management Series: Volume 4-Analytical Framework and Model Description, World Roads Association (PIARC) and World Bank, Paris, France and Washington, DC, USA, 2000.
4 of Highway Development and Management Series, International Study of Highway Development and Management (ISOHDM), World Road Association PIARC, Paris, France, 2006.
Marie et al., Road Safety Manual Recommendations from the World Road Association, PIARC, 2004.
He is a member of the Societa Italiana Infrastrutture Viarie (SIIV) and PIARC (World Road Association).
7: The World Road Association (PIARC) on behalf of the ISOHDM sponsors, 2001.
Rhodes is the former secretary of the PIARC (Permanent International Association of Road Congresses--now called the World Road Association) working group on fire and smoke control in tunnels.
The PIARC report (PIARC, 1999) and NFPA 502 (NFPA, 2004) provide summaries of vehicle fire tests.
Addressing at the International Seminar on "Reducing Carbon Footprint in Road Construction" organized by Indian Road Congress (IRC) and World Roads Association (PIARC) here, Joshi said: "For sustainable development, we have to evolve innovative green alternate materials and environmental friendly technologies without compromising natural and ecological balances."